Every Property Manager you keep...is doing your business good!

Is your business hurt by too much staff turnover and you'd like to solve the problem?

Are you frustrated with your PM team 'too busy' to focus on higher-value, more dollar productive tasks and business growth activities to strengthen and grow your business and rent roll asset?

Are you needing your team to be performing so much more effectively and efficiently, so your business can grow?

An IGT Business Health Check will show you how...

When your team isn't working like it should, it causes BIG PROBLEMS!

High staff turnover skyrockets your recruitment/replacement costs, unsettles your clients, loses managements through lost trust and erodes your team culture...

...plus it places undue pressure on other team members who now have to 'take up the slack' before a person is recruited and brought up to speed.

This all affects your business in a negative way!

The cost to the business can be HUGE when left unchecked...

PLUS when a team gets caught up in the 'everyday busy' hamster wheel it's easy to ignore the most productive tasks and growth activities. 

That means your rent roll goes backwards and shrinks as you're not bringing in strong net growth to outpace or replace the attrition caused by properties being sold and owners moving back in.

When you're not satisfied that employing another person (with all the added expense of salaries and overhead costs) is the answer to the 'too-busy' problem, you know there's a solution somewhere!

An IGT Business Health Check will give you what you need to know, and what exact steps you need to take to fix the problem and take your team to the next level.

There are so many factors that cause the issues:

-Taking on too many bad quality owners and wrong type properties (low rent, long distance, furnished properties, etc.).

-Overloading staff with too many properties to provide a quality level of care and focus.

-Team members working long hours due to a lack of time management skills and task efficiency.

-Poor team culture and a lack of support from management.

-No effective bonus structures in place.

-Low fees, fee revenue and low salaries.

-People in the wrong roles and doing the wrong tasks.

-Team members caught up in too many low-end tasks and admin work.

-No real systems around phone call and email control.

-Lack of KPIs in place to effectively and correctly measure staff task output.

-Bad team culture, wrong team structure, and poor working environment.

No matter what team problems you have, an IGT Business Health Check will identify the issues and give you a detailed report with the steps and recommendations to fix them.

The health of your team and business is worth it!

...with an IGT Business Health Check we'll show you how!

You'll have THREE of the world's best property management consultants and coaches Deniz Yusuf, Michael Sanz, and Darren Hunter working with you to take your rent roll and team to the next level of growth, performance and success!

Here's what we look and examine in an IGT Business Health Check:

What are the exact issues causing high staff turnover, and what you need to do to fix it.

Is your team structured right to be able to scale and grow your business effectively?

Are your team members doing the right tasks and are in the right positions?

What time management strategies should they be using to focus on high-value tasks and growing the business...where to start and get traction?

What tasks could you be successfully outsourcing to others who can do the work more efficiently, effectively, and more cost-effective than what your team can do, so you can free up your team's time to focus on higher-value tasks and growth activities?

What positions should you be employing next? Is it a new PM, BDM, Leasing Manager, or should you be outsourcing instead?

What are your fees, how can you earn more (per property) despite aggressive marketplace discounting?

What main lead generating strategies could you be doing right now, that are easily done with the resources you've currently got?

How to make your social media platforms more effective for growth?

Are your prospective customer enquiries being captured and converted at acceptable levels or is there loss occurring that must be stopped, to maximise your rent roll growth opportunities?

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